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Special Collection

TISMIR Special Collection Proposal Guidelines

Collection launched: 19 May 2022

Guidelines for TISMIR Special Collections

PDF version downloadable here

A TISMIR special collection comprises multiple, interrelated contributions that provide comprehensive coverage of a specific topic of interest to the MIR community.

Proposals should not overlap with topics that have been covered recently in TISMIR or other journals. For questions, please contact the TISMIR Editors in Chief.

Team of Guest Editors

A team of guest editors (GEs) consists of typically 3 to 5 members, with one member serving as designated Lead GE. It is strongly encouraged that the team is diverse and experienced with a broad representation from different organizations and countries. Even though not mandatory, it may be beneficial to include a member of the TISMIR Editorial Board into the team of GEs.

Proposal for a Special Collection

Individuals interested in organizing a special collection as guest editors should submit a proposal to the TISMIR Editors in Chief ( The proposal should include sufficient information and clear evidence addressing the following:

  • - Motivation, timeliness, and importance of the topic (e.g., recent activities in conferences, research projects, and funding programs).
  • - Qualifications, track records, and research areas of the proposed guest editors (GEs). Short bios of each proposing GE should be included.
  • - A tentative list of topics covered in the special collection.
  • - A tentative schedule of submission and review.
  • - Relation to any recent special issues published or planned for publication in other journals/transactions/magazines.
  • - References (up to 20 including references with GE involvement).
  • - The overall length of the proposal should not exceed four pages (please use PDF format).

The proposal for a special collection will be reviewed by the TISMIR Editorial Board. If there is doubt about the level of interest a proposal is likely to generate, the Board may ask for evidence such as a list of potential authors who have been contacted and expressed interest in submitting a paper (with tentative paper titles).


Manuscripts are subject to the same guidelines as regular TISMIR articles. The review process will be organized and conducted by the team of GEs of the special issue. Manuscripts with GE involvement are handled by other GEs or, where this is not possible, by the TISMIR Editorial Board.

  • - The final special collection should consist of 5 to 15 papers.
  • - Each GE can be involved as a co-author in at most one full manuscript.
  • - Papers with GE involvement should make up no more than half of the special issue.

Additionally, the team of GEs is required to write an editorial that introduces the special issue's topic and the relation of the individual contributions.