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Special Collection

AI and Musical Creativity

Collection launched: 11 Nov 2021

This special issue focuses on research developments in the domain of artificial intelligence (AI) applied to modeling and creating music. It consists of several articles contributing technical knowledge, discussions of the practicalities of working and assessing AI applied to music, and critical reflections of ethical dimensions.

The motivation of this special issue is the 2020 AI Song Contest, in which the four guest editors adjudicated or participated among many academic teams from Europe, the UK and Australia. This event provided an exciting and unique opportunity for AI music researchers (and audiences) to put to the test current technologies and develop new ones, within the context of music creation. We see a variety of ways in which humans and machines can work together as partners (and sometimes as adversaries) in creating music. The 2021 AI Song Contest shows this even more, with 38 participating teams from around the world.

We hope that this special issue, complemented by the stylistically diverse and thoroughly entertaining collection of music submissions of the AI Song Contests, contributes to the thoughtful development and evaluation of applications of AI to creating music, no matter the style.

Guest Editors:
Bob L. T. Sturm (lead): Associate professor of Computer Science, KTH, Sweden
Alexandra L. Uitdenbogerd: Associate, School of Computing Technologies, RMIT University and Chief Scientist, Ad Hoc Software Pty Ltd, Australia
Anna Huang: Research Scientist, Magenta, Google Brain
Hendrik Vincent Koops: Senior Data Scientist, RTL Netherlands